Sounding the Feminists: Key Activities of 2019

Sounding the Feminists: Key Activities of 2019


Funding success
- March 2018-2023: Creative Ireland and NCH funding (€200,000) for five-year partnership
- January 2019: IMRO sponsorship for Profession Development workshops
- August 2019: Arts Council Award (€5,500) for Research Project


- Hosted a Public Meeting in December 2019

- Facilitated a series of IMRO-sponsored STF Workshops in 2019
o Creating Music
o Performing Music
o Writing about Music for the Public


NCH Partnership Initiative (five years, began 2018)
- Funded by Creative Ireland and NCH (total €200,000 over five years), this five-year partnership comprises three strands: Concert Series, Commissions, Development
- 2018 – 19: Female Composer Chamber Series
- 2019 – 20: Resound: NCH & STF Chamber Series
- 2018 – 19: Commissioning Scheme for Composers and Musicians
o Prize (€10,000) and NCH premiere for Established Artist
o Prize (€2,500) and NCH premiere for Emerging Artist
o Winners announced in March 2019: Jennifer Walshe and Claudia Schwabe


Research Project
- Scoping exercise underway to undertake gender audit of publicly funded composing opportunities on the island of Ireland over last thirty years. Funded by Arts Council
o Research Associate Dr Ciara L. Murphy is undertaking this work, hosted by the CMC


Public Impact

- Role in national policy formation: contributed to consultations on the development of the Arts Council’s Equality, Human Rights, and Diversity Policy (launched in March 2019)
- Invited presentation at interdisciplinary MEAS (Measuring Equality in the Arts Sector) Seminar, UCC, September 2019
- STF activity cited regularly in media coverage of music in Ireland: e.g., articles in the Irish Times, Journal of Music, RTÉ Radio 1 Arena, Irish Times Women’s Podcast