Pitch Perfect: Write It! STF Workshop 3: Writing about Music for the Public, 18 October 2019

Pitch Perfect: Write It! STF Workshop 3: Writing about Music for the Public, 18 October 2019

STF Workshop 3: Writing about Music for the Public

‘Writing about music is like dancing about architecture’ is a quip attributed to various individuals from Elvis Costello to Frank Zappa. Whatever its origins, there is no disputing the huge public interest in the work of those who endeavour to talk and write about music.

Reviews, articles, blogs, and podcasts are some of the ways in which writers connect with listeners and readers, fans and scholars. But how do you go about producing that content? What music do you want to write about? How do you convey sonic experiences in print? Which forms of communication will enable you to reach your desired audience?

To help address these questions, Sounding the Feminists is thrilled to announce STF Workshop 3! Writing about Music for the Public, a FREE workshop, takes place at IMRO in Dublin 2 from 4 – 7pm on Friday, 18 October 2019.

Facilitated by Laura Watson of STF, the workshop features a panel of experts who write, edit and produce content for diverse audiences. Their work spans the spectrum of print media, academia, online media platforms, podcasts, radio, the blogosphere, and more. They are:


Further details:

Who: female, trans, and non-binary writers and musicians of any age, any experience, and any musical genre are welcome to participate in this workshop

Where: IMRO, Copyright House, Pembroke Row,, Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

When: Friday, October 18th 4pm to 7pm

Cost: Free! And thanks to the generous sponsorship of our hosts IMRO, STF can offer to cover the travel expenses (bus or train return tickets) of artists travelling to the workshop from outside Dublin city centre

To confirm your participation: To participate, book your place by emailing [email protected] by 16 October 2019. Please give a 50-word summary of your musical interests / experience if relevant, and let us know if you require travel expenses